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Top Owner: Frank Calabrese

Racehorse owner Frank Calabrese captured another Arlington Park title this meet. But, he has his sights on another, larger prize.

Published in the October 2008 issue of the Illinois Racing News

Science legislation comes with a cost

President-elect Barack Obama said he wants to take a scalpel to the federal budget. Does that mean that new science and technology legislation might be cut? View the details of recently passed science legislation along with expert commentary.

Choice brings chance of change

An impromptu street party erupted after it was projected that Barack Obama would be the next president of the U.S. Medill reporters were on hand to record the sights and sounds of the evening.

Eyes of the world on actions of next president

International students at The George Washington University took the opportunity on election day to vote in a mock presidential election. Hear what they are hoping for from the next president of the United States.

NASA: Hubble trouble close to an end

Efforts to fix a problem on the Hubble telescope hit a snag when the flight computer shut down the science instruments onboard. NASA engineers believe they have found a solution to the problem.

Vote verification processes lacking swing states

As the election approaches, concerns over electronic voting machines still plague many jurisdictions. Can you be sure your vote is counted properly when you go to the polls?

Medill News Service Coverage

Published Oct. 23, 2008, in The Tennessean: Some swing states lack procedures to verify votes (PDF)

NASA to correct Hubble hiccup

The Hubble space telescope experienced a failure in its science data formatter, a piece of the observatory which sends information from the telescope to Earth. NASA outlines its path to correcting the problem.

Obama campaign spams the press

A day after contacting the Obama campaign through a web form, the campaign added me to an email list looking for donations to the campaign. An opinion piece looking at the campaign improper use of personal data.

Presidential candidates offer little change to privacy protection

The presidential candidates speak about bringing change to Washington, but privacy experts believe we might be in for more of the same when it comes to personal data protections.

Medill News Service Coverage

Is an astronaut smarter than a third grader?

Students from Stevenson Elementary School in Bellevue, Wash., have a unique opportunity to take on a real astronaut in a chess match from space. The game is a chance for the kids to have more exposure to science, a move that could have a big influence on their future career choices.

Published Oct. 4, 2008, in The Tennessean: Chess match in space exposes kids to science. (PDF)

Moon mission still in focus for NASA, but with an eye on Mars

As NASA turns 50, its new mission is a look back into its past: a return to the moon. With new spacecraft, the agency hopes that the moon will just be a stepping stone to its ultimate goal of putting a man on Mars.

Published Sept. 26, 2008, in The Tennessean: Returning to Moon is important to NASA. (PDF)

Not your grandfather's inflation

The Consumer Price Index is one of the most widely quoted economic indicators, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Find out what it takes to gather the data and calculate the index. And then read what some high-profile financial commentators think is wrong with the process.
Medill News Service Coverage

Private equity pool dry for banks seeking capital

One proposed solution to the current credit crisis has been to look for more private equity funding. Yet, regulation and expertise in the financial services sector might be barriers to the cure.
Medill News Service Coverage

No red ink for luxury pens in weak economy

When the economy is down, sales of luxury items tend to follow. Some consumers just downgrade their purchases, which have retailers of smaller luxury items seeing green while the rest of the economy is seeing red.
Medill News Service Coverage
Windy Citizen

Pit Crews Race The Clock

What is it like to see the pit crews at a NASCAR race work up close? It is the ride of a lifetime.

Printed in Chicago Tribune July 14, 2008 (PDF)

Silverfoot shines in Stars and Stripes victory

8-year-old gelding Silverfoot came from last place to win the 77th running of the Stars and Stripes Hamdicap at Arlington Park.


In the coffee wars, quality is king

As the mega-chains compete for the lion's share of the coffee market, smaller players are finding that education and quality are the keys to success. Metropolis Coffee Co., in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood, invests extra time into training its customers, giving it an edge in the coffee wars.

Brewing up success

Two Brothers Brewing Co. in Warrenville has expanded from a small retail brewing supply store to a brewery and restaurant. Brothers Jim and Jason Ebel have kept an eco-friendly focus while they brew up success in the western suburbs.

Chicago All Candy Expo Coverage

All Candy Expo a sweet time to introduce new products

Industry representatives got their sweet tooth ready for the All Candy Expo which debuted in Chicago on Tuesday. The event give manufacturers in the snack industry a chance to network within the industry and tout their new products, hoping to have the next big idea.

Snacks with added benefits the latest trend

Consumers are increasingly asking for more from their snack time. The latest trend pushing manufacturers is functional foods, snacks with added benefits.
Medill News Service coverage

TreeHouse Foods stock soars after strong sales, earnings report

Treehouse Foods Inc., the Westchester,Ill.-based producer of pickles, salad dressings and non-dairy creamer, posted first-quarter earnings sharply lower than the year before. However, this was caused by a one-time item related to a pickle plant closing, and adjusted earnings beat analysts' expectations, sending the company's stock higher.

Sara Lee stock falls on disappointing earnings, reduced guidance

Sara Lee Corp. posted sharply higher earnings based on stronger sales in its bakery businesses and favorable exchange rates. However, the company missed analysts’ expectations by two cents and revised full-year estimates lower, sending the stock down 6 percent.

Kraft's revenue soars but earnings suffer from higher costs

Faced with rising commodity costs, Kraft Foods has been agressively raising prices, according to CEO Irene Rosenfeld. However, the effects of the pricing was not seen in the company's earnings, which were down 13 percent, despite a 21 percent rise in sales.

Sanfilippo back on track to consistent profits

John B. Sanfilippo and Son Inc., the Elk Grove Village-based nut processor with brands like Fisher, has recently struggled to turn consistent profits. However, industry experts see nut prices falling, and Sanfilippo has almost finished an expensive consolidation of production. That has investors thinking the company is back on track.

Housing slump drags down Fortune Brands in first quarter

Fortune Brands Inc. reported flat earnings in the first quarter on lower sales because of weakness in the housing market affecting its home and hardware business.

Tootsie Roll takes its licks in the first quarter

Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. announced sharply lower first-quarter earnings due to higher commodity costs. The company, which quietly made its announcement, missed the earnings expectation of the sole analyst who issued an estimate.

Energy, food inflate Consumer Price Index

Prices continued to climb in March, rising 0.3 percent overall. This was pumped by sharply higher food and gas prices.
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Kraft to open Bahrain plant

Northfield-based Kraft foods announced the opening of a $40 million production facility to produce Tang, Kraft Cheddar Cheese and Kraft Cream Cheese Spread for the Middle East and African markets.
Medill News Service coverage

Art Institute 'hawks' its wares with Johnny's Grill

To promote the new Edward Hopper exhibit at the Art Institute, the museum’s marketing team photograph a few Chicago “nighthawks” at a Logan Square diner.


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